BHHS Florida Realty Move-Out Information

Your lease expires at NOON on the final day of your lease term.

  1. AMOUNT DUE for late fees, rent, returned checks, or other outstanding balances will be deducted from your security deposit.
  2. FORWARDING ADDRESSES FOR EACH TENANT on the lease must be provided to us in order to mail back your security deposit.
  3. KEYS/GARAGE DOOR OPENERS must be returned by noon on the last day of the lease. Double rent may be charged for holding-over beyond the end of your lease.
  4. RECIEPT FOR PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANING (if required by your lease agreement) must be turned in with keys or we will do it and deduct the charge from your security damage deposit.
  5. A FINAL MOVE OUT INESPECTION will be done when the unit is completely empty, and your keys are returned. Your MOVE-IN CONDITION REPORT is compared with your FINAL MOVE OUT INSPECTION to determine damage caused by tenants.

NOTE: We do not inspect property with tenants present. You may not re-enter the property after the keys are turned in.

Call us if you have any questions about our Move-Out procedures. We have 30 days from: (1) the date you turn in your keys to the office during normal office hours, (2) give your forwarding address according to the Landlord and Tenant Act, to notify you of any claim on your security deposit, which will be sent to your forwarding address via certified mail.

Move Out Checklist

___ ALL personal items and trash must be removed from the property.
___ Broom clean fireplace, garage, porch, patio, walks, spider webs inside and outside the unit, louvered doors.
___ Dust all window stills, baseboards, paddle fans, closet shelves, light fixtures. Clean with soap and water if dirt remains.
___ Vacuum all carpets (carpets must be professionally cleaned if required by your lease agreement).
___ Remove nails from walls.
___ Be sure that all light fixtures have working bulbs.
___ Wash or replace A/C filters.
___ Wash all windows or mirrors. We recommend Windex & paper towels.
___ Use scouring powder on all tubs and sinks. Be sure that no scum remains and that all taps shine.
___ Clean toilets thoroughly with a disinfecting cleaner.
___ Clean bath tile. We recommend ammonia for scum.
___ Wash inside and outside of all kitchen and bath cupboards.
___ Wet mop all vinyl/tile floors, dry mop wood. Wipe out corners.
___ Clean stove top, under drip pans, inside/outside of fridge and dishwasher.
___ Wipe off dirty switch plates and marks on walls and doors.
___ Clean all mini blinds and verticals.
___ Empty clothes dryer lint filter. Wipe off washer and dryer.
___ Make sure all water faucets are turned off.
___ Check your lease for special requirements not included above.

NEVER MIX BLEACH AND AMMONIA- IT PRODUCES TOXIC FUMES! Mildew can be removed from almost any hard surface using bleach.